Last update: 23/02/2022

Equal Remuneration Convention (1951)
Discrimination Convention (Employment and Occupation) (1958)
Workers with Family Responsibilities Convention (1981)
Maternity Protection Convention (2000)
Domestic Workers Convention (2011)
Violence and Harassment at work Convention (2019)

  • Labour Code of 1994, subsequently consolidated in the Act in Force of Law- DFL-1 (31 July, 2002)

  • Law No. 20.255, establishing pension reform (11 March, 2008)

  • Law No. 21.391, establishing the remote or tele-working modality for the care of children and persons with disabilities where appropriate (16 November, 2021)

  • Political Constitution of the Republic of Chile, 1980. Act 100, establishing the consolidated, coordinated and systematised text of the Political Constitution of the Republic of Chile (17 September, 2005)

  • Law No. 20.348, protecting the right to equal pay (2 June, 2009)

  • Law No. 20.545, which amends the regulations on the protection of maternity leave and incorporates post-natal parental leave (6 October, 2011)

  • Law No. 20.482, which amends article 195 of the Labour Code, in relation to employment leave for fathers in the event of the birth of a child (28 December, 2010)

  • Law No. 20.399 which grants workers the right to a nursery (17 November, 2009)

  • Law No. 21.129, amending various legal bodies to establish maternity rights for female officers of the armed forces, law enforcement and public security, under the conditions indicated (7 January 2019)

  • Law No. 21.260, amending the Labour Code to make remote working or teleworking possible for pregnant workers in the event of a constitutional state of exception, catastrophe, public calamity or epidemic or pandemic due to a contagious disease, and establishing other exceptional rules therein (4 September, 2020)

  • Act-Law No. 3.500, which establishes a new system of pensions (4 November, 1980)

  • Law No. 21.419, creating the universal guaranteed pension and modifying the legal bodies indicated therein (26 January, 2022)

  • Law No. 21.269, incorporating domestic workers into the unemployment insurance scheme of Law No. 19.728 (11 September, 2020)

  • Consolidated, coordinated and systematised text of the Civil Code; of Law No. 4.808, on civil registration; of Law No. 17.344, which authorises the change of names and surnames; of Law No. 16.618, Law on minors; of Law No. 14.908, on family abandonment and payment of alimony, and of Law No.16.271, on inheritance tax, allocations and donations (16 May, 2000)

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